Grain Mill Classico by Madalga – Hand Grain Mill with Steel Discs

The name says it all, because our Madalga Classico hand mill is a classic, a true jewel that will enhance your kitchen. It can produce a considerable amount of flour without any electricity. The large hopper holds a full 1.3 kg (wheat). The large flywheel with hand crank drives the mill with ease, so it can be easy to produce your own flour without using any electricity.

The Madalga Classico hand grain mill is extremely solidly made, has a stainless steel grinding mechanism which can process not only all types of grain, but also all types of seeds and dried maize. The grinding degree can be adjusted so generously that even grist such as green kernel meal can be produced.

Coffee beans and spices can be processed perfectly via the fine adjustment, so your Madalga Classico becomes a grain mill, coffee mill and spice mill.

A statement for lovers of authentic cuisine, for do-it-yourselfers and all those who are still looking for something special for their country kitchen. It is a true gem and enhances every kitchen. The nostalgic and classic look, the combination of white and wood tones, exudes a very special flair.